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Disaster Management Program

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Cambodia is a small country which was always affected by various disasters both nature and man-made. In the year 2007, Cambodia was affected by various disasters such as Flood, Drought, Insect Infection, Storm, and Fire and Traffic accident and Flight fallen. The properties and life were affected by these disasters. With regards to this, Caritas Cambodia introduced new program namely Disaster Management Program. The program is categorized into 2 parts, one is Emergency Relief Response and the second one is Community Based Disaster Preparedness. The main goal of the program is to promote a collective disaster preparedness, relief and rehabilitation of people affected by natural calamities.

Emergency Relief Response is a national program, established networking for disaster preparedness at different level in order to prevent and mitigate the effect of natural disaster , to assist, and enables victims to restore their normal lives. Further, the program seeks to establish the disaster management policy and its effective dissemination of disaster management, also establish the disaster management information systems nationally. The national program covers various activities includes prevention, response and rehabilitation.

Community Based Disaster Preparedness is a community level program. The program helps build the capacity of the target community members on disaster management so that they are able to manage the disaster in an effective manner and restore their normal life during the disasters situation and after the disaster. We will form and strengthen the committees for disaster at the local level (village, commune, district, provincial) , improving the understanding to key field staffs, VDA, federation , MC in the target areas on disaster management policy and guideline. The target community shall be trained on ecology and environmental issue


  • Establish the disaster management structure of Caritas Cambodia
  • Selection of partners NGOs and facilitators and providing TOT training on disaster management for DM Department staff, managers and key staff.
  • Capacity building for community of the selected target areas
  • Capacity building staff and community
  • Forming and strengthening the committee for disaster management at village level, and national level
  • Linkage and networking with local NGOs, Government and private sectors.
  • Establish Disaster Management Manual
  • Researches and Documentations
  • Special fund for disaster management
  • Exposure Program for DM Department staff


  • Relief
  • Resources mobilization


  • Infrastructure
  • Psychosocial trauma counseling with special focus on women.

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